Your Holiday Pass

Every holiday season, you try the same old drill.
Don’t need the extra carbs.
Eggnog? No amount of nutmeg can hide all that fat and alcohol. Pumpkin pie? Too many calories… delicious, creamy decadent calories.
Nope, this holiday season, you’re going to stick to your nutrition goals!
But have you ever been successful in doing that? How many times have you gazed miserably at the dessert table, avoiding it like the Plague, only to eventually give in? Come January, you’ve eaten everything you said you wouldn’t — and then some.
The solution is the Holiday Hall Pass. This sweet indulgence allows you to make the most of the holidays, with five safeguards to prevent you from getting too crazy. These safeguards — let’s call them holiday helpers — create an environment that evokes positive emotions that calm the negative ones you experience when you attempt to deprive yourself.
Holiday Helper #1: Exercise a little bit every morning. ?
The first little helper is a pre-performance morning exercise routine. Spend at least 20 minutes doing anything active: FOCUS T25, PiYo, walking the dog, whatever it is that you do. During typical weeks, fitness experts recommend one day of rest, but during the holidays, it’s best to be active every single morning to stay consistent. It can be an all-out workout or a simple physical activity to create a positive tone for the day, helping you keep off the stress.
Holiday Helper #2: Keep a journal. ?
If you simply write down what you do and feel throughout the day, you’ll become aware of your choices, causing you to continue to make good ones. Through writing, you bring a little logic back into the equation, which helps you overcome your emotional tendencies.
Holiday Helper #3: Don’t let yourself get hungry. ?
You should graze every 2–3 hours. Whether it’s a full meal or just a light snack. Keeping your metabolism up and your stomach satisfied will prevent you from becoming too hungry. You won’t end up with plates of food you have to haul away with a forklift if you aren’t starving when mealtime finally rolls around.
Holiday Helper #4: Set holiday indulging intentions for yourself. ?
Remember, this isn’t about denying yourself anything delicious; your intentions simply set the scene for an enjoyable-yet-controlled feasting experience. You can choose to allow a small indulgence with each meal, whether it be one piece of cake or a few little cookies. You can also choose to go ‘all out’ for one special night.
Holiday Helper #5: Be easy on yourself ?
Feeling guilty about indulgences only amps up the stress, leading you right back to the second and third serving of turkey and cranberry sauce. Enjoy your holiday and indulge without beating yourself up.
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New options!!

So excited to announce that my Clean Eating Bootcamps have an exciting new 14 Day Menu Planner with prep calendar. PLUS There are options to become a Lifetime Member!

PLUS if you choose the Hammer & Chisel Option, you can do the 60 Day Exclusive Accountability Group.

This program includes:
~DVD Workouts that you choose
~My customized Meal Plan and E BOOK
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~2 14 Day Clean Eating Bootcamps
~Optional Lifetime Membership Available*
~Shaker Cup
~Some programs come with Portion Control Containers

I would like to find about your goals so I can suggest the best pathway for you.

Click on the Start Here tab on this website and fill out my quick questionnaire and I will get back to you soon!!


I Look forward to working with you!  AngiePhoto on 9-21-15 at 6.47 PM


Getting back on Track!!

Have you ever gotten in a FUNK or off track in any aspect of you life?  Eating good, working out, working, relationships or just life in general??

I think we all do! I have been at my Lake house for the past month and I was in a FUNK!!

~I worked out but not as much as I should have~

~I ate good but not as Clean as I usually do~

~I worked but not as efficient as I should have~

The last week I was there (before coming home) I told myself “YOU MUST GET A PLAN IN ACTION”  so heres how I am getting back on track!

~Working out First thing in the morning and then reading some personal development to get my mind on right!

~EAT that FROG (do the tasks that I dont like to do or that are the most important) in the first 2 hours of my work day 8am-10am.

~take a break to think (my personal development suggests that we take time to think) by taking a walk/run with my dog if its not raining. If its raining then sit in a quiet spot for 15 min minimum and just think.

~Now that All my “Have tos” are done now I can go on with the creative things I love to do with my business  ie.  new ideas, conference calls with team members, try new recipes to share, have lunch with friends, go shopping….etc….

~I can now spend quality time with my loved ones without feeling that there are things undone and “not worked” for the day.  I actually left my phone in the car at dinner last night~Try it sometime!! (relationship is in better shape)

I don’t know if this helps you but I think we can all get in a FUNK and hope mine helped you in some way!!



Day #3 of ShakeO Cleanse~ Last Day!!!!

I was a little tired yesterday afternoon but I think it was from my body used to all the carbs that I had eaten over the weekend and it wanted sugar!!  I pushed thru and just kept busy…Drank some coffee and ate dinner about 4pm and had my last shake about 7pm for dessert!

I am down 3.4 pounds in 2 days and I am so excited to see what happens tomorrow. Hubby forgot to weigh before work so we will see how he does tomorrow!

Message me if you want to try this cleanse to cut your cravings and carb addiction!!


Day #2 of ShakeO Cleanse

Its amazing even after 1 day of eating back on track, how much better I feel and how much better my mind feels!!  I get serious brain fog when my eating is off.  Between the “feel like I let myself down” mindset and the actual reaction the food has on my brain…It just plain ol’ jacks me up!!

Last 24 hours….sleeping better, bloating is going down, bathroom regularity, clearer mind, more energy, more focused, happier and down 4 lbs between hubby and I.

Day #2…I got this!!!!


Follow us on a 3 day Cleanse….DAY #1

We Both indulged a little this weekend so we are doing a 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse to rid ourselves of cravings.
We tend to keep about 80lbs between us and we are both up 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks of crazy schedules and fun too!????

We both decided that weighing in here and sharing the next 3 days will help keep us accountable! Walked and now we are having shake 1 for the today (we always have one in the morning but we will replace lunch and a snack with ShakeO also)


During my bootcamps we suggest doing this once a month to cut out sugar and carb cravings.

Next Bootcamp starts after Labor Day
“Operation Skinny Jeans” ?

If you would like more info about joining one of my bootcamps, I would like to know more about your goals so please fill out this quick questionnaire under the EAT CLEAN tab on my site and I will get back to you soon!!


Mexican Food…..THE DEVIL!!

I am going to blog about my favorite food this week in hopes to help some of you with the same addiction as me!

I LOVE Mexican food but I have no control over those chips….they control me!  Now that I have given up corn, I can say its a little easier to pass on the chips but I do a few things to help…FIRST….I tell them NO Thank you when they bring them to the table and SECOND….I bring my own seeded Crackers, Like Marys Crackers Pictured below, or my own carrots and celery to dip in the salsa. The salsa is great for you but PASS on those chips!!

*Mary’s Crackers can be pricey but Costco does carry them sometimes*




Be your own BOSS!!!

The freedom that being my own boss affords me is priceless!

Not just freedom to travel, to afford “things”.. But the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want!

I can do business from my couch, my moms couch, the lake, the SKY (as long as there’s wifi, ha!) … there are no limits!! The blessings and choices that kind of life brings to the people I work with, my team, my family, my friends.. it’s emotional. Its fuels me! “Freedom” like that doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t happen AT ALL unless you DECIDE. Once you DECIDE to do what you know you NEED to do to make your passion and purpose a reality, nothing will ever be the same. You will no longer be held down by someone else’s definition of success. Deciding is the catalyst to living the life you dream about!

I’m hand picking 5 women to work with this month.. You in?!

Email me if so…