Mom, This one is for you!!

My Mom~ I know she will read this in the next 24 hours because she checks for new blog posts everyday….Oh ya, I have heard this before “I haven’t seen any new posts on your website lately” LOL

Where do I start?? Well lets go back to my younger days….of course it wasn’t all roses!  I was a very typically teenager and then some. She raised my brother and I by herself from when I was 10 until she married my step dad when I was 17. Would I change that….HECK NO!!  If she wouldn’t have raised us as a single mom, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today. She was a great role model. She worked hard, went to school and was always bettering herself .

How did she do it,  I will never know. She didn’t date around or rely on men to get what she wanted…..She just went for it.  She’s a true #Girlboss

I feared her disappointment more than anything!  Believe me, I know I disappointed her many times but I know that all kids do that…… but I also know as an adult there were disappointments as well. I am on my 3rd marriage, made some financially bad choices, spent money I didn’t have and made some quick decisions. BUT I also know that all of those bad things have brought me to who I am today…and I kinda like myself and I think she does too! 🙂

I live a 3 minute drive from my mom now (10 minute walk thru the woods but I hate bugs and tics) and we talk almost everyday. She is MY MOM, my friend and she is freaking awesome!! (Love you MOM)


We are so different but it is funny as I look back on my life, it looks a lot like hers (once I got my shit together). Here are some similarities we have….

~Both of our husbands are 11 years older and they cook, clean and would do anything for us (my stepdad is my dad in my eyes…THANKS BRUCE!) Thanks Hubby Mark for being such an amazing person….that is a whole different blog!

~Owned a Harley Davidson…not sure how old she was but I think we both went thru our BIKER phase in our 30s

~Bought a Lake House in her 40s (I just bought one last month about 12 miles from hers)

~We both Drive Toyotas and live in the house of our dreams

~She owns a pool and I have had many homes with pools (She has lived in the same house since I was 17..I am on house #who knows)

~She loves to come home and put her t-shirt and sweats on….kinda like me wearing workout gear all the time

~We both love dogs and probably will always have them

~We truly love our family!!

It may of taken me a lot longer to figure life out, but once I did, I now realize that she’s a HUGE influence on WHO I am and HOW I got here.

I know I don’t say it enough, so THANK YOU MOM and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Many people hire Life Coaches, well I was born with one!


Angie (Joanne’s Daughter)



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