Getting back on Track!!

Have you ever gotten in a FUNK or off track in any aspect of you life?  Eating good, working out, working, relationships or just life in general??

I think we all do! I have been at my Lake house for the past month and I was in a FUNK!!

~I worked out but not as much as I should have~

~I ate good but not as Clean as I usually do~

~I worked but not as efficient as I should have~

The last week I was there (before coming home) I told myself “YOU MUST GET A PLAN IN ACTION”  so heres how I am getting back on track!

~Working out First thing in the morning and then reading some personal development to get my mind on right!

~EAT that FROG (do the tasks that I dont like to do or that are the most important) in the first 2 hours of my work day 8am-10am.

~take a break to think (my personal development suggests that we take time to think) by taking a walk/run with my dog if its not raining. If its raining then sit in a quiet spot for 15 min minimum and just think.

~Now that All my “Have tos” are done now I can go on with the creative things I love to do with my business  ie.  new ideas, conference calls with team members, try new recipes to share, have lunch with friends, go shopping….etc….

~I can now spend quality time with my loved ones without feeling that there are things undone and “not worked” for the day.  I actually left my phone in the car at dinner last night~Try it sometime!! (relationship is in better shape)

I don’t know if this helps you but I think we can all get in a FUNK and hope mine helped you in some way!!



Day #3 of ShakeO Cleanse~ Last Day!!!!

I was a little tired yesterday afternoon but I think it was from my body used to all the carbs that I had eaten over the weekend and it wanted sugar!!  I pushed thru and just kept busy…Drank some coffee and ate dinner about 4pm and had my last shake about 7pm for dessert!

I am down 3.4 pounds in 2 days and I am so excited to see what happens tomorrow. Hubby forgot to weigh before work so we will see how he does tomorrow!

Message me if you want to try this cleanse to cut your cravings and carb addiction!!


Be your own BOSS!!!

The freedom that being my own boss affords me is priceless!

Not just freedom to travel, to afford “things”.. But the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want!

I can do business from my couch, my moms couch, the lake, the SKY (as long as there’s wifi, ha!) … there are no limits!! The blessings and choices that kind of life brings to the people I work with, my team, my family, my friends.. it’s emotional. Its fuels me! “Freedom” like that doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t happen AT ALL unless you DECIDE. Once you DECIDE to do what you know you NEED to do to make your passion and purpose a reality, nothing will ever be the same. You will no longer be held down by someone else’s definition of success. Deciding is the catalyst to living the life you dream about!

I’m hand picking 5 women to work with this month.. You in?!

Email me if so…



Why Not You?? Design the life you want to live.

Are you curious how I make a living, travel  AND get paid to workout? Its got to be a trick, RIGHT?? Wrong, I definatley thought it was when I signed up to coach. I understand what it may look like from the outside looking in, so I want to answer a few common questions!

~Do you have to be fit to be a coach? NO

~Does it take a lot of time ? Nope!

~Are there sales requirements? Nada.

~Do you have to quit your full-time job? NO!

~Are there expensive buy-in fees? No siry.

~Is it a great way to help others? Yes!

~ Can you earn free vacations? Yes! (I am earning a free cruise right now)

~Can you build a business that allows you to be your own boss or even earn 6 figures? YES!!

Before I began coaching I thought this was something people just said, but now I know its true. (not that I make 6 figures yet but I know its not far away)

Click on Live Life at the top of my website and fill out the quick questionnaire to see if you would be a Good Fit for my TEAM BOSS!!

What is the BOSS all about…its about yourself being BUILD ON SELF SUCCESS!!

Being my own boss!

My story~ Clean Eating Crohn’s Disease Girl

I have battled Crohn’s Disease for 20 years. I was diagnosed after having many visits to the bathroom minutes after eating.  Bloating, Cramping, Abdominal Pain, Throwing up and loss of energy are all the not so fun things associated with this, not so pretty, Disease.  7 Years ago I met some amazing ladies thru a local Chamber of Commerce. I was there because I had bought a Coffee shop and networking was in “THE PLAN.”

These beautiful ladies taught raw vegetarian eating and I sold $300 worth of patio furniture to join their class.  This was the beginning of my Health & Fitness Journey!

I lost 20 pounds and stopped getting my IV transfusions of Remicade (an alpha protein that is 20% mouse DNA) and was dehydrating nuts and fruits thru my 9 drawer contraption on my counter. My hubby had bought this for me~he’s always so supportive of what I do…and I have done it all!! I learned so much about food, how to eat raw, what  “mock tuna” was and I started researching food as medicine.

Eventually, making everything with RAW food became very time consuming and due to having to work a ton, as a new business owner, I stopped eating raw.  I did not go back to my Crohn’s Meds or see my GI doctor but I did not keep the weight off.

Over the past 7 years, I have tried many different “Diets”…..Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, HCG,  Starvation…You get my point.  So the yo-yo story, like most people, happened.

I have stayed in contact with these ladies thru the years.  We have become friends and tried a few ventures together. I told you I have done everything!!  About 2 years ago, they introduced me to this thing called “Beachbody”.   I am thinking -“I am the farthest thing from being a Beachbody!”  They started these “challenge groups” and I love competition….so GAME ON!!    I participated to the MAX and did well.  Oh I sold something to be a purchase my first “Challenge Pack”. I have always been one to do anything I have to, to get what I want!

Lost weight, started exercising regularly at home, learned even more about food, made some more new friends and felt like a NEW me!!  These groups are addicting!!

Well, they quit doing these groups for about 6 months and I was very sad!!  I felt like I had found my way and now there was no one to lead me. I kept eating pretty good but stopped working out and didn’t feel very good about myself.  I tried another  “at home” business.  Like I needed something else to keep me busy with having a Coffee shop to run! I didn’t like how I felt while doing this side business.

before-after3As the first of the Year (2014) approached, they started doing the groups again!!   Game On Again!!    After having huge success with this new plan I learned, I was BACK!!!

April 25th, 2014 I started my Coaching Career…ironic that it happened to fall on the birthday of the ladies that I started this journey with. Over the past year, I have yo-yoed a bit but my health just keeps getting better everyday.  I have dove into researching food and how it affects the body.  Clean Eating is my passion now.

This past February, I lost my grandmother, who was very near and dear to me. before-after2After she died, I stepped up my Clean Eating and Working out.

I started  lifting weights, omitting corn and cheese (I love Mexican food), and decided to sell my Coffee shop to Coach FULL TIME.  I sold my shop June 1st…..

Today, 7/9/15~I am still med free. I do have flare ups but they usually from eating too fast, not chewing my food well, eating wheat products accidently or from stress. I can control these things.  I have reached my goal weight and continue to work on lowering my body fat % and hope to do a fitness competition someday.  This has always been a huge goal for me that I never thought was possible. I know now that anything is possible.  I am so excited to share my story to help others live happy, healthier, fuller lives thru clean eating and physical fitness.  Thank you for being here!