Hello, I’m Angie!

My Mission: To educate and empower others to take control of their health and live life with purpose. []

Why? You ask…

Upon reaching my 40’s, I realized that most women struggle with changes in their body and metabolism as they grow older.  I tried many different diets, gym memberships and even a RAW-VEGAN diet (crazy, I know). All of these “solutions” worked for a while, but I could never stick to anything.

When I was introduced to clean eating and working out at home, my world changed and so did my body.

I discovered that I am very passionate about helping women of any age reach their health and fitness goals through Clean and Fit Groups that are held in private online app.

Getting personal…

I want to share a very personal story that has also added to my passion and motivation. I was next to my beloved grandmother the day she passed.   My grandmother had been overweight most of her adult life, and was on various medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and congestive heart failure.   She was 94, and lived a great life but I would love to save others from having to take all the medications she did from all of those complicated medical issues.

If I can help ONE, just one person get off these types of meds, then my job here is done.

My Transformation

What drives me?

What got me to this point? I was sick of being in the doctor’s office every 8 weeks getting a 2-hour IV that contained DNA mouse protein in it to help relieve the symptoms of my disease. My symptoms were inflammation, bloating, cramping and bowel blockages.  I was not a happy camper!

What are some of the biggest benefits to me? I, myself, keep my eating and working on track since I am accountable for it, just likes my clients.  Also, as a Beachbody Coach, I get 25% discount on my Shakeology, my favorite meal of the day. Most importantly, however, I get to help others get healthy and sometimes get off medications themselves.

What are my biggest challenges?   Because I love what I do,  I have to learn to shut it off to spend time with family at night.

What do I consider my greatest victory? Overcoming my Crohn’s Disease thru my healthy lifestyle  and being the healthiest and best shape I have ever been in my life at the age of 47.

What are some of my favorite things?  I love cooking new healthy recipes; trying new, healthy restaurants; making my own wine; and spending time at my lake house with family and friends. (check out the slide show below!!)

What are my favorite workouts?  21 Day Fix (total body workout and only 30 minutes) and Body Beast (I love lifting weights, its makes me feel tough – LOL).

What are some ‘tips’ that I find most useful/beneficial?

    • Weekly food preparation
    • Scheduling daily workouts and limit them to 30-40 min at home
    • Sharing clean-eating foods with friends and family to spread the word
    • Making my food fun by exploring new recipes online

Some of my favorite things…