What people are saying…


175 today down a total 4. I can feel a huge difference in my stomach and how clothes are fitting so I am happy! Clean eating for life!

DiannaClean Eating Program

Down 3 more pounds! For a total of 7.4 pounds.

BethClean Eating Program

Utter shock is all I can say. Down 7.3! Started at 176.1 and today I am 168.8. Just clean eating with very little bread. So glad to be rid of the 170 range. Buh bye and gone forever!

JulieClean Eating Program

I joined Angie’s TEAM over a half-year ago so that I could be held accountable.  I love the Beachbody workouts and products, so it seemed like a natural fit.  As a member of Angie’s TEAM, not only do I get Shakeology auto-shipped monthly, but I also get Angie’s Bootcamps.  This approach has certainly helped keep me on task and always aware of making healthy choices.

GinaDownline Coach